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i'm back!

23 August, 2011

hopefully none of you will ever have to experience going weeks without biking over an injury. i have a hard time listening to the doctor when he says "no biking!" biking is my therapy, my joy drug, so i've been doing short commutes here and there and running a few errands on bike but being out of the house and moving feels great. plus we've been getting lot's of sunshine here in the east bay so i need to take advantage before summer ends right? i'm not 100% but i'm a dreamer that's a go getter so i guess i can say i'm back!
school is starting this week so i imagine being incredibly slow on posts. i hope you guys will hang in with me this fall semester as i assume many of you will be going back to university too. i got to revisit the old bike commute route and realized how much i missed having that time to breath just before a long lecture and work day. also, Wendy is getting a new license to park and ride around campus, we are required by law to have one. i wonder what many of your college bike commute experiences been. have or do any of you commute to school on bike?
Dave Feucht said...

Heh, back in the old days when I was going to school, I was, for a couple of years, driving 30 miles per day back and forth from school to home. I don't miss those days (though that is where I met my wife, so it could be worse) :)

Then, after that, I was taking the bus about an hour each way to University.

I don't really miss that either :)

Now that I'm older and wiser (hah!), I'm riding to work (and everywhere else) :)

Hope your foot is back to 100% soon! Good luck getting back into the school routine, I always remember that being challenging, especially after having a summer where you were traveling and whatnot.


cb said...

glad you are healed and perfect timing for school! happy first week of school!

Anonymous said...

just popping in to say hello tina. happy you are up and biking again. have a lovely day.

Eli said...

Welcome back and I hope you have a speedy recovery so you no longer have to worry or feel guilty about riding bikes when you were told not to :)

citygirlrides said...

@dave, 30 miles is quite the distance. i bet your commutes are much pleasant now.

thank you everyone for the well wishes and good luck!!


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