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Public Bikes M3/D3 Sale via Planet Gear

10 August, 2011


if any of you ladies or gents are looking to for a new bike and have been drooling over Public Bike's beauties but would like to purchase one at a low price, Planet Gear is the place to go. they are having a sale on  Public Bikes model M3 or D3.  the sale runs August 9th through August 16th. PlanetGear.com is a women owned and adventurous retail community offering the best pricing on cute casual apparel, active gear and travel destinations that focuses on a healthy living and a healthy planet. be sure to sign in and check out their weekly discounts and saving opportunities! happy shopping!

note:  there is a $125 shipping and building fee that comes with each bike

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What a picture of bicycle is this if you will post more of it .. it will be more informative for us

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Anonymous said...

I also hate that the dis organisation of the Bicycle Victoria site. Everything is all over the place.
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