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15 August, 2011

this weekend the unexpected happened on sunday. my dog and i go out daily for an early morning run or walk  together. when walking downhill i twisted my foot and injured myself. sounds silly i know but i have the worst of luck with this foot. sad to say that my weekend was spent in recovering from this injury, welcoming 5 days of relaxing recommended by the Dr. i've gone through two other foot injuries on the same foot and now made it my third. i call it my silly foot. of all the walking, running, and riding i do, why this incident? it was so silly, a bad step downhill turned into a swollen and bruised tendon. luckily it wasn't fractured or broken. i haven't tried cycling but i doubt i'll be able to until it is healed. i'm going to put the blog down for the rest of the week and live through you all. i hope you all have a great week and some fun stories for me cause i'll be reading until my eyes fall out.
Anonymous said...

hope you are up and able to cycle again very soon. i imagine you may miss it. have a good rest & take care.

cb said...

oh no your poor thing! yes you are lucky that it wasn't broken! rest up lady. hey were you at the east bike party? i tried looking for your, big turn out and plus we got there late and had to catch up!

Brandi said...

Oh my, get some rest and take it easy ! Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery.

Aline Maira said...

oh, I'm sorry about your foot!
I recently discovered your blog and have enjoyed reading it. inspiring! hope you feel better soon!

Missy said...

I gota say I LOVEEEE YOUR BLOG! you seem like such a fun person and live a fun life. :-)I hope my comment makes you feel better! rest up girly!


citygirlrides said...

thank you all!

happyd said...

oh no!! that's terrible!!

get well soon :)


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