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shakin from east to west coast

26 August, 2011

in california earthquakes are normal, we feel a little shake we think "no big deal" and go back to our daily tasks. maybe we'll check our phone messages, twitter, facebook, the news, and let everyone know there was an earthquake, "dude, did you feel that?" "naw man, what happened?" 
i grew up in L.A. were we often get earthquakes. in grade school we had earthquake drills and learned how to react calmly in case of an emergency. now I live in a city that is constantly visited by little 3.6's that has San Franciscan's saying "i knew it, it's too hot, this is earthquake weather." even i said it. when we get waves of heat surging into our fair foggy city, we don't find that normal at all. the rest of california can be burning (sometimes literally) and we are wearing jackets and scarves. since its recently been so hot here in the bay area, we had two little shakes that we shrugged off and went about into our day, where the day before the East Coast experienced a 5. 8. and we californian's still remained indifferent. i'm not saying we have no sympathy, we just hope you all are okay and not earthquake shocked. 
i also read of hurricane's heading for the east coast too. dude, we don't get those here. so i hope you have bikes in your rescue kit. they come in handy. bicycles have historically played a role during tragedies. remember when japan was recently hit by that major earthquake? followed by hurricanes, well they used bicycles as a mode of transportation to evacuate and get home when their cars and traffic failed them. even during both world wars were oil was being rationed, bikes were being used to transport troops. so just know east coast, that the world, and us californian's are not indifferent to tragedies, we've had our fair share of natural disasters. just remember to have your bike ready and come to california.

please be safe east coasters, we are thinking of you here in the west coast.

jesse.anne.o said...

Hurricane PLUS a tornado warning. Woohoo. Thanks, Nature.

Posie Patchwork said...

What an adorable blog, hello, how do you do?? We lived in the top of Australia for many years with cyclones, tropical cyclones, the massive type & boy, that was full on. Love Posie

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