sweet friday

happy friday! so glad to be back in san francisco although it presents a challenge since my head is still in Paris. adjusting to pacific time has not been easy at all but returning to my bike and daily commute is just heavenly. rolling through these hills is another story, let's just say i have some adjusting to do.

in friday news, if you're in the bay area tonight, there is the SF BIKE PARTY with the theme of Steampunk, very Sherlock Holmes and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. meet up at United Nations Plaza, rolls out at 8pm.

in other happy news, one of our lovely lady bicycle bloggers S of Simply Bike announced the birth of baby C. we've all been anticipating you baby C, welcome!

thus far it's been a sweet friday. i can only anticipate the weekend to be just as sweet. i hope your weekend is filled with adventures wherever you are!

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cb said...

hope you had fun friday sweetie! hope to see you next friday! yay for sandra! i will have to pop over and congratulate her!!

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