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a taste of indian summer

24 August, 2011

yesterday the bay area was sizzling. i have been anticipating our indian summer since i've saw way too much rain and fog during my summer vacation in paris. i welcome sunshine on the real, it's a super mood booster but in san francisco we're not accustomed to mid 80's temperature. we like our bay breeze, our rolling fog, and do just fine with 65 degree overcast weather. san francisco is a city where you always need to be carrying a scarf and jacket just in case, maybe an umbrella too (you can see in my basket the blazer under my bag). i can appreciate days when it's warm out but then i tend to complain when i sweat a little. the entire bay area is this way, we are not accustomed to sweat when walking for 5 mins. when i was young and living in L.A. i would stay indoors with a sweater on because i despised the heat, it doesn't compliment my fall wardrobe. there, i said it! san francisco is my body temperature's dream city come true! occasionally i read that some other cyclists experience hot hot weather conditions and usually i think "thank god SF doesn't get that hot, or that cold." are we spoiled here in the Bay Area? yes we are, we don't hide it, we love that we have moderate temperatures, we don't like seasons, only when we go on holidays. and when we can't ride our bikes cause it's raining, we are pissed, but screw it, we still ride anyways cause that's how hardcore we are. and when it's hot, everyone in san francisco is out riding around like the sunshine will never return, why not? this is an occasion to ride!
how do you spend your summer days on bike?
Brandi said...

Seriously what is with this heat!? Already sweating and it is not even 9am!!! Okay, I kind of like it for a day or two but for the most part I favor our chilly air.

kit said...

I feel like it's the more inactive (or gym active) people who like temperatures in the 80s. My engine just runs a little hot, so when the temperature goes over 65 and I'm exercising, I'm gonna be hot.

P.S. Imagination no longer necessary! ;)

Dave Feucht said...

My wife and I actually get reverse seasonal depression :) If it stays above 85 degrees for more than a few days, we just hole up and sit inside sprawled on flat surfaces with cold drinks as much as possible :) Last year we had a freak week of 100+ temperatures, and let me tell you, we were not happy. This year has been surprisingly pleasant, with mostly mid-80's and only a few days above 90.

Still, summer's greatest benefit is that it makes me look forward to Autumn so much! Autumn is awesome here, with a lot of sun still, but temps in the 60's-70's and all the everything changing colors!

Oh man, I can't wait :)

It is funny in Portland, where it's basically grey and drizzly from November through May or even June - the first day it hits about 65 and we have sun, it's like the whole city comes out half-naked to greet the sun :) You suddenly see everyone with sunglasses and guys running with no shirts and everyone wearing shorts and it's like mid-summer hit :)

cb said...

i know yesterday was PERFECT! i too have been waiting for this time of year! i love your outfit by the way. i love embracing the sweating that comes with biking in this heat, i kinda love it!


i am interested in riding the bicycle but i dont have that much amount to purchase that.

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'Xander Labayen said...

I'm so jealous of the late summers in SF, my aunt lives in alameda and we usually visit in september the weather is so nice then... just cool enough to add on layers of style...

Annis said...

I love your bike! With the little basket on it :-) I live in the netherlands and everybody rides a bike here, but i wish mine was like yours... It has been an autumn-y summer here: cold, windy and rainy, so i'm looking forward to some sun so i can make a few biking trips!

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