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the bicycle as a tool of awareness

28 September, 2011

advocacy streams into all aspects of human rights. some of us fixate on just one aspect of justice and advocate for it but we are affected by it in many aspects of awareness. in light of what's happening around the globe as people gather to protest the economic inequalities of our nations and governments lack of responsibility (i say nation because we as people are responsible too), the people are beginning to become enlightened, and realize that something must be done, that we as a people must do something when the peoples government fails to help it. i always think of what the bicycle has meant to individuals, in history, and even so now in mobilizing new thoughts in environmental, social, political, and economic development and justice. failed social policies and systems design failure on a massive scale, thus we are faced with issues that call us to question the inequalities of the conditions which we live amongst one another and move through our cities. the way the bicycle plays into this awareness is also a solution to the issues that come into question.

some say the bicycle can save the world. do you agree?
Kelley Kronic said...

As usual I agree with all the words above

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