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Give Me 3 California

30 September, 2011

"Give Me 3 is the California Bicycle Coalition's campaign to ensure that California drivers give bicyclists at least 3 feet of space when passing from behind."

"The debate over SB 910 seems to boil down to this very clear choice: we can continue to prioritize vehicle traffic flows over other forms of transportation, or we can enable more people to safely choose bicycling for transportation by making our roads incrementally safer. 

AAA and CHP (acting as AAA's surrogate) seem to advocate for the status quo: unimpeded traffic flows at the expense of bicyclists' lives, but without any evidence that SB 910 would actually bring about the problems they see. This has been AAA's political orientation for years. For its part, CHP is acting from a windshield view of the world instead of recognizing their duty to safeguard all road users, including bicyclists. If CHP were responding as safety officers instead of as advocates for drivers, they would be forced to acknowledge that passing-from-behind collisions kill more bicyclists than any other type of collision. Is this a condition they're willing to ignore?"

i urge readers and bicyclists in california to support this campaign by either by spreading the news, donating, or writing a letter to Gov. Brown. if we can get more bicycle companies, coalitions, or groups involved with this campaign, i'm sure we can get Brown to get behind this too. other states have done it, why not california in all it's supposed progressiveness? well, although AAA is just another form of a self interest automobile money giant, we have to remind ourselves that it's by our demands as a whole that we can make the streets feel safer for those wanting to commute by bicycle.

for more information visit Give Me 3. get involved, send a letter, and spread the word!
cb said...

i am so happy this law passed and it feels good knowing i did a part too! not the greatest but it is one step closer to a safer happier bike commute!

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