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happy friday

09 September, 2011

happy friday everyone! it's starting to get a little quiet on the blog here but don't fret because it's been a wonderful week full of bike rides, friends, school, and a load of homework. commuting everyday is my breath of fresh air amongts the chaos so there is something to be said of that, other than that my bike is my therapy. so, enjoy your rides, wherever you are.

have a great weekend!
cb said...

have a great weekend too! went on a great ride yesterday with a bike group here in hayward, tom and i will be doing it every thursday while gear up for our big ride oct. 1st!

Carla said...

Have a fun weekend!!
I plan to get a bit of riding out of the way tomorrow, hopefully.

lazy explorers said...

Your bike is so cute. I was supposed to buy a bike this summer, but I never saved enough money. I hope to buy my Schwinn Cruiser next summer!

Xo Chloe.

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