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21 September, 2011

since my recent experience of my rear wheel being stolen, i have made some small steps into adjusting into life without a bike (for the moment, it sucks). i have always realized the meaning of my bike, the way it weaves into my daily activity, thought, and the dependency i have on it as many means, not just mobility. i know i shouldn't put such a value on material things, i could care less about my cell phone, my laptop, or my wallet, but my bike is so important in my world, and i would have it no other way.

i sent BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) a letter concerning bike theft and lack of bike racks at their stations. i don't know if they will even respond to me or raise a finger to any concerns in what is mentioned in the letter but i have prepared my spirits to not stop at this one. a few weeks ago i had a friend who's rear wheel was stolen at the same station too and since my bike became another source of bike theft exploitation in this area, i'm realizing the problem is being ignored and perhaps undermined by victims and these institutions. well, speaking up is my thing. i come from a long line of outspoken strong women that confronts issues at it's face (thanks mom!) and i'd be damned if i stopped here. 

i hope those of you in the bay area will speak up more about bike theft too. it's definitely an issue worth exploring the means to finding a solution because it's really just out of control.

thank you all for your kind words and encouragement these last few days. it's a total bummer going through the motions because for me it's not something that i want to just replace and forget. i see too many bikes in this area being taken advantage of where i put myself in the persons place and think how much it sucks to return to your bike and have something of it ripped from you. i know many of you know this feeling too and how much it sucks. so thank you for your words and comfort. i just hope that in the end something good will come from all of this.
Dory Kornfeld said...

Hi: I don't know how municipal stuff works in San Francisco, but from my experience in New York I wouldn't stop with just a letter to BART. Contact your city councilor and/or the councilor for the station, call 311 or the equivalent, go to the police precinct. If there are community meetings or community associations, go to them, get a whole list of names of people calling for more bike racks and better security. If there's something like Transportation Alternatives or any other bike advocacy group, find out if they can help with a collective letter writing campaign or such.

It often takes multiple fronts and multiple voices to get something done. But keep at it! Rock on!

citygirlrides said...

thank you so much dory, those are definitely words of encouragement.

kitten roar said...

my bike has definitely become a "you don't know what you got 'til it's gone." kind of thing. my roommate recently borrowed my bike and got in a small accident, but now i don't have a front wheel and i am also bikeless. i never realized how much i loved to ride my bike or how often i used it until i couldn't use it anymore. i hope you are able to be back on wheels soon and that someone hears you out on your plea for better bike security :)

Sewon said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your bike! I don't know what I'd do without my bike, because it's pretty much my only way of getting around town! They have these mini bike parking lots all around town and someone will watch your bike for the entire day for just 20 cents. It's a huge relief when I need to run errands. Anyway, I've been meaning to comment on your blog because I love keeping up with your biking stories. Hope you get some response back from BART!

Sabina said...

Good for you for writing about this issue--to the authorities and on your blog. You may also want to contact the local press though and say you believe, based on your experience and your friend's, that there seems to be a theft pattern.
And sorry to hear your bike was stolen btw. I just found your blog but it looks really fun and charming. Following. :-)

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