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14 September, 2011

so it seems like the san fracisco fog has returned today. it's actually a great big welcome on my part considering how hot it has been for the last couple of weeks. i love the rolling fog and how it settles on our fair city, how it cools you down after pedaling up hills, and how it gives san francisco a distinctive smell of redwoods, it's refreshing. the fog is one of those things that makes you love and hate san francisco but for many of us, we actually love it. sunny days are welcomed of course but we would rather have moderate temperatures to wear our sweaters and scarfs. especially when biking, the fog cools you down when it is  much needed. i hope it sticks around for a while, it makes my commutes to school serene and takes my mind into a haze of contentment.

 is there any type of weather that you love riding in your cities?
Eli said...

noooo I dont like the fog! It's been nothing but foggy in my neighborhood. I need more sun not perpetual fall :)

Project Cambio said...

anytime it's not windy. i'll enjoy riding in the rain so long as there is no wind. wind is the enemy.

Aline Maira said...

I love riding when it's fall... not too cold.. not too hot.. with a lovely breeze.. and the air is fresh!

Aline Maira said...
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Anonymous said...

I had a lovely ride through some misty rain and it was lovely. I was hesitant to go out, but I'm glad I did, because everything glistened and all was quiet. Very little traffic.

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