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Bike Talk: Thoughts on Bicycle Advocacy

15 September, 2011

Bike advocacy wasn't something that I always imagined myself blogging about. There a ton of other things I love just as equally as my bike like books, my dog, coffee, music, architecture, politics, art, theories on pop culture, or comedic conversations with myself on a daily basis (I think I am funny and mean well) but I chose to blog about my experience and personal views of life on a bike as a woman. The reason is because the experience of being on a bicycle gave a new thought on how I interact and view the world. I have always loved Mother Earth, it's part of my culture to take of her, but I also learned to love my sense of independence on a bicycle. Not just independence in being able to go anywhere as I please with this mobility but being independent from financial obligations to a car, insurance, transit system, and in some aspects the law (parking tickets etc.). 

To take it even further I also think it intellectually free's me in my experience on the road to how I view others. I share the road with and have to be aware of how I treat them while looking out for my own and their safety. The more independent I find myself from relying on certain things to make me more mobile and efficient on the road, or in life, I become aware. Seeing how I truly view and act to the development that we have been given environmentally, socially, and consciously. Do you ever think about how your environment and experience influences the way you think and behave? Have you ever thought about how your bicycle makes you view the world differently? Or how it has made you less dependent on other things? I'm sure it has but most importantly how has it changed you as a person?

I think this is one reason why I started writing about bicycles and advocacy. I know many people write blogs for various reasons but this is mine really. I'm always thinking "how do we make streets safer? How to we invite women, children, and minorities into the bike community?" Whenever I open up blogger I'm immediately brought to statistics of daily views and such which I honestly don't give a shit about. What I do care about is what people have to say and how these words I make you think. It isn't called advocacy to get compliments about how pretty my bike is or how cute I am but to create a community and bring awareness of the struggles that even female cyclists have. So here, you have my cheesy and dorky enthusiasm for bicycles here to stay.
jorjiapeach said...

i love this. definitely inspiring. :]

Pedro dos Santos said...

I fully agree, because people have to realize that cycling is good in many respects and who better to talk about that? a person who rides every day on a bicycle. but the most important is people and not numbers, as you said. So still, because your questions there are the same here in Europe and Portugal, too much traffic, and more, and more, i read your blog and i realize that my concern's are the same... so keep on it ;)

miss brooklyn snapshots said...

I just found that which could interest you and all the bikers…

Hayley said...

Couldn't agree with you more. When I started my blog (www.hayleydavies.posterous.com) it was with full intention of sharing industry marketing news and views. But the more I've fallen in love with cycling; the more I write about it. I can't help it! Each time is an adventure, and in my opinion, an adventure worth sharing. Happy riding :)

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