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words on bike theft

19 September, 2011

my bike is the one thing that i look forward to from a long day of work and here i find my pride and joy pillaged. my work commute into San Francisco leads me to Lake Merrit Bart Station where i have to shill out my lunch money to get to and from work by train, where already, there is not enough bike racks to fit the many bike commuters that need to park here. instead they have many unnecessary bike closets that you have to pay an arm and leg for. so what other choice do we have than to lock our precious prizes on parking meters. these bikes are far from the bike racks, usually hidden by bushes and easy targets for all sorts of bike theft. bike theft doesn't always happen out of carelessness of locking your bike, you can have all the swag that makes it hard to steal but thieves don't care even if it's out in the open and nobody is saying a word just going about their merry little lives. for the majority of you who don't know me, when i'm heated i get results so here is my word, i'm declaring war on bike theft and writing like hell to Bart and my city officials to get some mother f-ing bike racks up in this station, seriously. get with it Bart. we keep talking about how bad bike theft in the Bay Area is, well let's do something! i know i have way too much on my plate already but my bike is my world and i value others' bikes just as much as mine. so if institutions want to ignore and let thieves get shady, then i want a war.
things are gonna get fun around here... 
kim said...

Hiya, Those bike lockers are actually pretty cheap - 5 cents an hour. I don't know if the demand is high at Lake Merrit BART and they are therefor full all the time, but it's worth checking out:

Anonymous said...

I agree! My bike almost got stolen downtown the other day, but a cop stopped it in progress, which was very impressive to me. My tax dollars hard at work there.

It's so sad to me that the bike theft here is so high. In Tokyo, people don't eve lock their bikes!

The feeling that I get from Bart is that they are not that keen on cyclists at all.

happyd said...

Oh no!! Did you get your rear wheel stolen??

cb said...

poor baby! she is naked! man i am so sorry. yea bart has a few screws lose, i have almost had it with them but i am forced to take them to get to sf. did you know that bart hired a bunch of people to protest the protesters, yea. so instead of taking care of what actually matters like bike racks for the people who take bart every day, they paid a shit load of money for people to pretend to protest.....i hate bart. and instead of bike racks outside the station, they should have them inside the station so theft is a bit more unlikely.

it is extremely heavy but when i was parking my bike at bart, i used a chain that went through both tires, after no one could touch my bike! :)


jorjiapeach said...

uggggh. so lame! thieves are so lame!

Eli said...

so bad! hope you figure something out! my bf and I almost had our bikes stolen in the mission a few months back. We had chained them to a bike rack and ulocked them together. Someone cut through the chain and I think realizing they were locked together, left them there like that. I HATE people that feel like they can take other peoples things

Tom said...

Hey tina, this is tom, cristies husband, if thats a 27" rear wheel you need we got one you can have. Get ahold of cristie if you want it!

citygirlrides said...

@tom, thanks so much!

cb said...

hey tina!! would love to give the wheel if it works! here is my email ccpb83(at)gmail(dot)com hope you can use it!

lazy explorers said...

That is awful!
I am glad you are speaking up, a lot of people complain but don't do anything about it.
You are an inspiration!

Xo Chloe.

Marthaamay O_o said...

I know that by now, you have a new wheel, but I can only imagine your heartbreak at seeing this on your return :(

I am a to be cycle lady. Not yet having bought a bike, but will have done by the end of April..

I live in London, which is just awful for bike theft. I will have to buy a fold up bike, a Brompton, but I really want a big bike, as I would HATE any of my bike being tampered with when I leave it outside.

Although you ride a big bike, in a different country your blog is inspiring me, thank you!

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