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feeling SAD, ride a bike!

31 January, 2012

feeling blue this winter? ride a bike!
 seasonal affective disorder (SAD) used to be my worst enemy, i really struggled getting out of bed, feeling unmotivated and lethargic to seize the day, until commuting by bike became the answer to my SADness. exercise in general is widely recognized as a treatment for SAD as it releases endorphins and gives us a sense of well being, but the motions of pedaling on a bicycle releases serotonin, another good feeling inducer. with the sunshine occasionally visiting and following us on our rides, we also increase our vitamin D and well being quota during these dark days. why go for the really expensive solutions when the joy can be felt on your bike?!

for overall health and happiness, take one ride twice daily (via @bikelanediary)
Brandi said...

Thanks for the reminder, I'll be sure to get on my bike this weekend!

Dave Feucht said...

This is exactly how I feel in the summer!

Once it gets above 80 degrees, my inclination is to never leave home, and to just sit around and do nothing. It totally saps my energy.

I won't say I love getting out on my bike during those days (at least, not in the heat of the day), but it does help some to motivate me and just get the juices going a bit so I feel like doing more than sleeping.

Cruiser Dolly said...

it works, im in sch high spirits after my ride!


Will K said...

I have been riding a lot more this winter - I got a folding bike, which has helped motivate me a lot. I'll often ride in to work, but when it's dark and rainy at night, I don't always feel comfortable riding, but that's ok because I can take the bike home with me on the train, and then ride in again in the morning. The exercise before work makes me feel great.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post, I just so happend to have done that yesterday.

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