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green bike products: lube

30 January, 2012

i'm on a roll right now on testing new green products in my household. i mean, as an environmentalist shouldn't i be sharing the great stuff some green geniuses are producing? it usually takes me a little while to find the perfect green product to stick to just because the chemistry isn't always perfected but i would rather use it than most petrol-based products. the practices of producing petrol-based products is a controversial issue and that's what led me to being more conscious about buying such green products. when i often hear the argument for oil and the necessity of using oil to produce bicycle goods and products, i feel a little hesitant to make an argument about utilizing alternative sources for the production of some petroleum based products because the science and production of such products still needs research and development. i know there are a lot of innovative engineers out their creating products that are sustainable, non-toxic, and made from plant base oils and i wanted to introduce you to one of them. meet RE:cyclist developed by Skip to Renew, a chain lube made entirely from plant and algae based oils. unlike the other chain lubricants, this oil is thicker, meaning using less lube, no spills, no toxic scents, prevents rust, and lasts longer than regular chain lube. luckily for those of us in the bay area, this product is made local and sold in quite a few local bike shops (check out their list here).

are there any non-petrol oil based products that you use in your household or on your bike?

John Romeo Alpha said...

Soybean oil is used to lubricate the paper shredder, supposedly because it does not gum up the shredder, and poses less of a fire hazard.

Olive oil works well for shaving.

Neatsfoot oil is not petroleum-based, and is used on various leather things including some related to bicycles, including Brook's saddles and leather floor pump gaskets.

cb said...

oh wow how cool. i love finding new green products especially bike stuff! i will mention this to tom. i think we have lube right now but when that runs we will try this one. thanks for sharing lady!

Mel said...

I've heard that Phil Wood Bio-Lube is plant based and completely biodegradable, but I haven't tried it yet.

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