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a little sunshine please...

25 January, 2012

finally no rain! it's been awfully cold, wet, and foggy in these parts. the sun has been poking out a few times and i'm hoping to see more of it as i am beginning to miss the sun. we still have cloudy skies and and cold rides which i usually try to make up for by wearing something that makes me happy, like yellow tights, colorful gloves, or a red scarf. for the long commute i have to school i'm usually stoked about riding through the cold because i get warm when riding like i'm in the Tour de France. but alas! i'm ready for more sun along my rides, can it just be spring already? please.

what do you do to bring a little "sunshine" into dark days?

Carla said...

It's been quite warm here in SD, but when it was rainy, I had on a nice bright pair of wristwarmers. But generally, I'll slap on my bright yellow hair bow, and go about a gloomy day.

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