ring ring ring!!


sorry for the long delay of blogging but i'm here and i'm ready to roll. it's been an interesting break away from blogging as school becomes demanding, your computer crashes, and your bike wheels keeps getting stolen. i missed out on celebrating my two year blog anniversary in december, some really great happenings with other bicycle advocates and bloggers, and a couple of fun events. i hope to get this thing going again and share life on a bicycle.

it feels great to be back!
peace love and bicycle grease


lazy explorers said...

Your hair is too cute! Glad you're back! <3

cb said...

so glad you are back! you look just so cute and I WANT THAT SHIRT!!!

jorjiapeach said...

cuteee. your bangs. and your shirt. and your blazer. and your glasses. and that red lipstick. love it all.

citygirlrides said...

thank you guys! it's great to be back!

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