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Cycling As A Lifestyle Choice

08 February, 2012

Personally, cycling is a lifestyle choice. For many of us it is the best lifestyle choice we have made. Some people don't like to work out, I'm one of them, so cycling has become not only our choice of transit but also our choice of physical activity. One of the greatest perks about cycling is that it doesn't have to feel like exercise but nonetheless you still reap its health benefits. 

Having active lifestyles tend to make us feel energetic and younger. this is especially true for me as i still feel and act 13yrs old. Plenty of cyclists I've meet act and look younger than I would have ever thought. One of my professors whose gone bald and gray acts like an 18yr old and is full of life, he says it's his bike who's keeps him feeling young. Not only does it keep you feeling young but also keeps you healthy. 

Since I started cycling, I've become less susceptible to viruses, depression, and weight gain. Even if everyone around me has the flu, I don't get sick. I can proudly say that I haven't been sick for a year and a half in my two years of cycling. I tend to brag about his a lot because I do really owe it to my bike. I feel a lot happier when I'm cycling. If I'm having a crappy morning, the moment I hop on my bike I forget it all and my mood boosts. cycling has kept my weight down and I tend to eat whatever I want, alot. This last year I lost 5lbs commuting to and from school and I'm really already tiny. My muscles have become defined, stronger, my endurance lasts longer, and I suffer less injuries than I would get from working out at the gym. 

Cycling and it's benefits are always an adventure.
I'm sure many of us can relate in that our lifestyles as cyclists has changed. What's your story?
cb said...

oh so totally true! biking was a choice i made, i could walk but biking is soooo much more fun! tom and i really need to take advantage of this rain free winter and take gilbert on a long long ride!

Mai said...

Biking has made me more spatially aware. I'm less clumsy and have not been sick in over 2 years.

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