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new bike gear!

01 March, 2012

i've been in the mood for upgrading some bike accessories mainly because i got a new saddle and have lost some stuff in the past few months. i've been eyeing some adorable stuff from Public Bikes, especially the Mini Dots helmet by Nutcase, so i went on a spree and got these finds. can't wait to give old wendy a makeover and be ready for spring riding. 

adventure! said...

Cool! And styling!

The red bell looks lourvely, haven't seen a brass bell like that before! Wonder how the finish will hold up; on my brass bell there's a mark from where the hammer hits the bell.

And watch out: you might be tempted to shellac those lovely cork grips! Next step is you'll be taking the BART over the hills and working at Rivendell! ;-)

citygirlrides said...

i'm hoping i won't be tempted to shellac the cork grips. it's says it's impervious to water and other elements. we shall see about that. i'll give you a heads up if i find myself at Rivendell anytime soon :)

cb said...

i have been swooning over that red bell from public bike. i have one already so i don't see the sense in buying another but she is so pretty and kiki would really love her. oh and i just LOVE that helmet so much! so cute!

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