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02 March, 2012

goodnight little spoon

the adorable and creative Bianca over at Goodnight Little Spoon has to be one of the most creative girls i know who adorns her bike with color, lots of color. she shares a little d.i.y. idea about making a bike spoke cards color wheel.

had a good laugh at this song... performance.

momentum magazine has a q & a from some of my favorite fashion bloggers who love bikes.

on a serious note, usually cyclists are always offering advice on how to safely cycle around drivers, but here is one for drivers on how to drive with and around cyclists.

drivers tend to think cyclists know where everything is, including gas stations, but Bikey Face pretty much tells it like it is when we get city questions for directions and such.

oh, and don't forget to pedal on over to Change Your Life. Ride a Bike! to wish the Calitexican a belated feliz cumpleanos (happy birthday)

and i gave the old blog a new look, what do you think?!
have a good weekend.
calitexican said...

thanks for the link love, lady!

also, that bike!! i thought it was a picture for a mag, not someone's everyday ride! wow, how fun. that skirt guard is dope.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tina! I hadn't realised you got back blogging, sorry! But it's great to read so many great posts again :D My creative, writing cycling juice hasn't been flowing that well for me lately... hoping spring is going to bring me little more energy! Best L x

Bianca J said...

aw, thanks for the shout out lady! great set of links

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