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have sunny days. will happily bike.

06 March, 2012

sun drenched days and crazy winds, i'm still a happy panda just to get out and ride even if it means pedaling like a grannie. with the near arrival of spring i'm starting to feel a spectacular flurry of creative energy and productivity- the kind that's giving me new ideas and projects for home and the blog. this early march so far seems to be filled with lots of bike rides, late night study sessions, coffee runs, dinner dates with friends, morning runs with the dog, and a few community projects to keep me busy. i had just finished giving old wendy a new bell, grips, and saddle and i'm loving the new comfort i have. the excitement for new things with spring with the promises of adventures in the city are just around the corner and i can't wait.
cb said...

the wind was crazy today, i was almost in my lowest gear but the sun was so nice. i thought it was suppose to rain so waking up to sunny skies and no clouds was pretty awesome.

lazy explorers said...

I can't wait for the weather to warm up here so that I can ride my new bike!

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