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08 March, 2012

after going through all the trouble of getting two bike wheels stolen, on top of getting some new bike gear, i've taken some extra steps to make sure nothing goes missing again. there have been endless stories being circulated on the internet about stolen bikes and parts and it's got me a little paranoid about having another episode. to make myself feel a little better, i've changed my commute route and bart station. 

in addition, i got an extra u-lock and cable to lock my saddle, and as you can see in the photo, my front and rear wheel is locked up with my frame as well as my rear wheel. it takes a little more time for me to make this happen but my bike is worth it!!

do i seem a little paranoid? maybe, i don't know, probably, i don't care. i love my bike.
cb said...

i was like that when i had to lock up my bike, i had a HUGE big metal chain that i locked up both wheels with, it was perfect! the addition of the 2 locks is a great idea.

calitexican said...

i say that cables aren't enough for seats. unfortunately. here's my post on how my boo and i urbanized our seat posts for thieves. http://changeyourliferideabike.blogspot.com/2011/12/lessons-learned-from-bike-thieves.html

but two ulocks. helllll yah!

Anonymous said...

Nice I like it.

adventure! said...

Sometimes a little paranoia is good, especially when it comes to bike security.

As for saddles, I've "leashed" all my saddles to the frame. While someone could cut it if they really wanted to, it's another step that they'd have to do.

Anonymous said...

brooks, the older, more beautiful!

Cecilia said...

I don't think your paranoid at all! I've never had anything stolen from my bike, but I have heard enough stories to strongly consider upgrading from my single U-lock + separate cable combo to a double U-lock combo. As for my saddle... well, it's just the one that came with the bike and I hope that it's not enticing as a result!

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