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spring time is here!

21 March, 2012

spring and sunshine are here! oh my! 
there are so many reasons to love spring but seriously my favorite has to be that there is more daylight to be out and ride. i took my bike out for a sunny spin today just to feel the warmth since it's been cold and wet lately and it felt goooooood.
 i feel a surge of excitement for spring coming from everywhere on the internet. do tell, what's your favorite thing about spring?
Dottie said...

Oh yes, the daylight! That's a great choice for best thing about spring. Biking home after work in the sunshine is such a luxury, one that I missed terribly all winter long. I usually say all the blooming flowers are my favorite thing about spring, but maybe daylight. :)

Love the red lipstick, bell, bike combo!

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