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09 March, 2012

when i lived in San Francisco, i lived next to a boutique shop that sold local products made by crafters and artisans from the Bay Area. i used to make visits every now and then to the owner of this shop to catch up on new products and neighborhood gossip while also being able to share my blog about bicycling. one day, as i made my round of visits, the owner had pulled me aside and told me about this girl who made this amazing jam called INNAjam. she gave me sample just to try to see if i would like it. i remember it was plum and when i took my first taste my eyes brightened and i bought three jars to last me for the season. to top off my excitement, i was also told that the girl who delivers this jam would do so by bicycle. now, i'm sure you can imagine how excited i was to find that out, so i search for INNAjam on the web, became a follower on twitter and tumblr and have been a supporter and devotee to this purpose and jam since!

when i found out that Daphna of INNAjam wanted to open a commercial kitchen in Emeryville, you couldn't believe how excited i was for her. as expensive as opening a commercial kitchen is, INNAjam has asked for our help to support this project.

now, i usually don't ask people to participate in something unless i really believe in its cause so
i encourage you to take some time and visit their KICKSTARTER page and support in anyway you can. if there is anything i support the most in this development, it is the IMPACT this will have on the local community, economy, organic agriculture, and artisan producers that will support it sustainably. not only would your contributions go to an amazing people supported project, it will also give you a chance to try their products. 

so, let's make it happen!

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