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30 days of biking, day one

01 April, 2012

today, many have joined the challenge of biking for 30 days, for fun or commuting, rain or shine.
it's fun taking on this challenge with those familiar and those i'm getting to know. this is going to be a great challenge for me considering that i'm making those 16 miles from school and home 5 days a week a priority. the semester made me a little physically lazy to the point where i would ride to the Bart station and take the train to school. i got a little weak with all this rain, plus a student diet and lifestyle is not so healthy, so this will be my challenge to get me back on track. 

i wish you all luck, for whatever reasons you may be doing the challenge for. if you would like to know and join the fun, check out what everyone is talking about on the 30daysofbiking challenge site and join us!
Anonymous said...

Go Tina! :D x

dianapantz said...

here in mpls, i am also doing 30 days of biking!
heres to a safe [and dry!] april!

dianapantz said...
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georgie said...

Good luck! I'm hoping to do it too. Got a 7 mile commute, but we've got snowy showers forecast this week :-S
First two days have been brilliant tho. And I'm on track for doing the 60miler round the Isle Of Wight next month :-D

Taelin said...

Insanely cute blog and posts Tina, goodluck on the bike challenge! :) Looking forward to your upcoming posts! xx


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