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Making Helmets Fun

07 April, 2012

I get a lot of compliments on my red and white polka dot helmet by Nutcase. Trust me, I love my helmet, it's fun, cute, and definitely gives a different quirky vibe to biking. I'm not a huge fan of wearing helmets but I do wear one on my commutes and I get a lot of cyclist and drivers smiling and saying "I love your helmet." I LOVE IT TOO!!

I remember my first helmet being pearly white which I decorated with a reflective bow on the back. In a way it became "me" while I added some fun stuff to personalize it. I love this helmet differently though not just because it's fun colorful and has polka dots but because it speaks a bit more about the fun side to bicycling. Biking is fun and shouldn't everything else we do on it be fun too?! 
I've seen a lot of cyclist make their helmets their own by adding reflective dots, stickers, toys, or dinosaurs. Nutcase designs really fun helmets too, which is probably why I now sport one theirs. If I was going to wear a helmet, I was going have fun with it. And find a way to love it. I know I'm not the only one who hates wearing helmets why not have a little fun with it right? 

Do you do anything to make your helmet be a bit more "you?"
cb said...

i have been eyeing that one for so long! i love it! i HATE mine but i do want to use it more and i have been. i will find out where i can try it!

Magali said...

I love yours!!! PS- Where did you get those awesome eyeglasses, if you don't mind me asking? :)

Anonymous said...

Nice helmet, I also have a Nutcase helmet.

calitexican said...

stickers! i have used reflective stickers to sort of decorate my helmet. my helmet is black, so i figured anything to help will be good. put some in the front, sides and rear. :)

citygirlrides said...

@Magali, I got these eye glasses in Paris at a department store, can't remember the name! so sorry. I got them to protect my eyes from dust and allergies when riding my bike day and night.

Anonymous said...

I have the Nutcase helmet in Hula. I love it! It's great, not only does it offer protection, but it is whimsical to boot!

carrhall said...

I really like your blog. A very interesting post is written by you and i really appreciate it. Your helmet is very beautiful but these Ladies Helmets are also my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Aw that helmet is mega cute on you! I just decoupaged my helmet and did a post on it, I wish i could afford a nutcase helmet :)
xo keep safe

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