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03 April, 2012

day 3 of thirty days of biking. i'm not really trying to do a countdown, rather, i'm giving myself an account of the progress i'm making, things i noticed, or thoughts i've had on this challenge. to begin, i had made some recent makeovers on wendy, a new saddle, new grips, new bell. of all the investments mentioned, my saddle has made my commute a lot more easy and comfortable. one of my major reasons and concerns for getting a new saddle was the pain i was getting in my hips and lower back. i don't know how many of you have had this issue before but it's a very uncomfortable feeling trying to cope with. my commutes to school require extra time on the saddle so it's worth the investment in finding the perfect fit. i'm glad i made the purchase.
i also found myself with more energy, concentrated, and less tired. and it's only been three days! but this change has required that i make changes in how i eat, avoiding college food trends and eating that banana and power bar with water instead of the pizza, pastries, and coffee. it's easy to fall into the habits of college lifestyle but i found myself easily willing to go back to my old healthy habits, thus actually making more time for running errands on bike such as grocery shopping and making time for cooking.
it feels good to get back on track and feel the progress already. let's just hope i can keep this up before finals start taking over.
cb said...

so it sounds like you are liking your brooks saddle! yay! i haven't had that discomfort but i have been riding on a brooks saddle for years now so that could be the reason. the only pain i get is in my knee when we ride the tandem because it maybe just a tad too small and i need put the seat up so that my legs extend more. i see you got the public red bell! very jealous!

Dylana Suarez said...

Super lovely blog!



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