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happy friday

04 May, 2012

well happy friday, sunshine, and coffee! it's been a long week of studying and writing massive policy papers on biofuel production and groundwater contamination. i'm quite over writing science papers so i'm taking a little break to enjoy my life outside confined walls of libraries and my home while getting a little sun.
  i realize that i only have one more week of school, studying, and finals! then it's off to boston! i have yet to do any research on what's cool and not but i intend to just explore things once i get there without any major agenda till i find something i want to experience. and of course a bike ride is definitely needed, so that's where you come in! 
bike rentals, bike paths, bikey things, events, and information are needed. and i know many of my followers are from boston, so what do you have to say boston kids?! hook a california girl up and show me how you do it!
cb said...

yay! boston! how fun! my best friend lives a bit outside of boston and i went to visit her two summers ago. it was really fun. we went to visit harvard and then went to woodstock, vt. it is sooo beautiful there!

jorjiapeach said...

good luck trying through these next couple weeks!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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