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08 May, 2012

hot coffee on a hot morning, a wood pecker waking the neighborhood up at 5 am, and a morning ride to the library for finals studying. i can't believe it's my finals week and i'm feeling pretty confident about all that's ahead of me. i can't say enough that the end of the semester came in perfect time as the constant warm sun has bless our days. with all this sun, i'm making some exciting plans this summer, a community gardening class, a trip to mexico, and building my own herb garden.

also to celebrate the last week of school, it's bike to work day this thursday. Oakland will be having a Bike Happy Hour Party in Old Oakland to celebrate Bike to Work Day and you're all invited this Thursday, May 10! look for me! i'll be the girl with the camera taking pictures and having a grand time. hope to see you there.
cb said...

you what we are getting instead of wood peckers at 5 in the morning...BATS! you can hear them making their bat noises and flying around eating bugs! you think it would be awesome but that early and it is super load!

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