bike tour guide and links

08 June, 2012

happy friday! with bike touring in the air, i thought i would share a little more of what i've been able to share in the past in case many of you are curious about planning a bike tour throughout the Bay Area this summer. it seems like so many people are getting on this and it makes me extremely excited to see so many taking on the fun. i hope this comphrensive list of links below helps enough with any of your future bike touring plans. many of them are from the blog, however come from my personal experiences and preparations. there are other great resources online that the posts below mention. feel free to contact me further if you would like to know a little more information about technicalities of bike touring in the bay. hope this helps! happy touring!

Georgie Ormrod said...

Tomorrow is due to be a rainy-stay-in-day here, so I'll be scouring these websites with my better half and making our plans. Thanks again!!

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