summer bike touring

07 June, 2012

hooray for some beautiful weather to count on as i plan a nice ride to Muir Beach with friends today. have any of you biked the route from SF to Muir Beach route before? anything i should know about or plan while i make this tour? i found some great resources online and feel somewhat confident about it. it's been a while since i've done a bike tour but it's that time of year for it. i got a couple of emails recently asking for guides about doing tours around the bay. from my past and recent research, here are some great suggestions and resources.

Bike and Roll: bike rental shop and gives really great direction for self guided bike tours throughout the Bay Area.
Stinson Beach Loop: for those who want to take a challenging ride and cool off at the beach.
Bay Trails: a comprehensive Bay Area bike tour guide of various bike routes covering 300 miles of bike trails. I usually use this site for all my tours.
Post-Car Adventuring: I used this guide last year for my trip out to Samuel P. Taylor Park. was an excellent reference and gave some inside knowledge of places to see, eat, and rest at.

hope this helps, happy bike touring!
JspiderSF said...

Thanks for the links. I hadn't heard of Post-Car Adventuring, which looks pretty great. Good luck with the ride!

cb said...

That sounds fantastic! Maybe tom and i will try that out!
Have lots of fun!

Georgie Ormrod said...

Thanks for posting this, I'll be checking those out. I'm heading to SF in September from the rainy UK for 2 & a half weeks of cycling in the Bay Area so this is a perfect post to help me start planning and get excited. Saw your post on Samuel P Taylor Park a while ago and that's on my list of places I really hope to go to. Thanks!!

calitexican said...

can't wait to trade touring stories! i have two in my head to get out on the blog. let us know how it goes! and @georgie! CYLRAB can't wait to meet you! <3

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