Le Tour

19 July, 2012

TDF! i've been following like it's my religion. there's a sort of excitement i get from watching all these bikes being hauled up mountains surrounded by beautiful landscapes. i can't imagine the physical challenges these men face on a day to day basis but i admire them for their hard work! and of course i'm rooting for the Brit Wiggins! boy is killing it! (Valverde, you can have your win for today).
i remember last year in Paris watching the final race to Champ-Elysees, the city was livid, crowds of people from around the world talking about TDF history and who they think will win the final race. it was exciting and i haven't been able to keep away this year. i don't know many girls out there who are into bike sports, let alone, the TDF, but if you're interested at all in keeping up with some of the final stages arriving, check out these sites below and enjoy!

cb said...

When we go up to visit toms parents we always watch it. Since we dont have tv, it is hard to watch.

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