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no matter how far you go

13 July, 2012

i'm still dreaming of tropical weather, lightening storms, beaches, swimming in the ocean, and being consumed with new experiences. i haven't had much to say here in the last few days in regards to bicycles, just that traveling has been an adventure and blessing for me this last year. i used to travel a lot when i was younger, trips to mexico were frequent, romania, england, hungary, and throughout north america. i'm still making plans to get out and see more of the world, not sure how i'll do it, but i will. i read this amazing post on Converge Magazine, it was titled "Why You Should Travel Young."  one phrase that caught my attention the most was "Experience the world for all it's worth. Become a person of culture, adventure, and compassion." i couldn't agree more. i have a friend who was recently in Africa whom i've been following up on. her story of falling in love with Africa, its people, culture, music, etc. was breathtaking. she was challenged with her experiences, trusting in a higher power to give her clarity, meaning to her path, a call in life. i guess this is the adventure we find when we place ourselves in unfamiliar situations. we learn to adapt but that takes time and can be frustrating but hopeful. in these times, life is the grand adventure we're learning that will determine our future.

this post isn't about bikes but adventure. i know it's hard for many of us to travel; expenses, time, jobs, managing families or homes, etc, however, one thing i loved about riding a bicycle and living in the bay area, is that i have so much more of california to explore. those bike tours are still calling me and although i may not be able to make a trip out of the country, i can make one here where i'm surrounded with beautiful mountains, forests, beaches, rolling hills, and lovely new people who are taking on their own adventure. traveling is good, no matter how far you go, go for the experience.
hope you all enjoy your weekend. 
happy friday!

cb said...

we used to take tons of trips all over too when we were younger but not so much anymore. when we can we do now we locally and see what we can on our bikes. a friend once told me the best decision she ever made was going in debt due to traveling and seeing the world. those experiences have made her who she is and there is no price tag on something like that. cheers to many summer adventures!

Georgie Ormrod said...

I'm another who used to travel all over the world. But now my work and caring for my mum mean I spend little time traveling.

I'm lucky to live in such a beautiful and geologically diverse area and having my bike has certainly opened up my eyes to seeing more and more of the region that I live in. Planning rides for me & my OH and seeing them unfold is my favourite thing to do. And to both you and cb, I can tell you I love reading about your little trips in your areas too. It's like arm-chair cycling!

I am so looking forward to visiting NoCal in Septemer, and will be making the most of it because I dont know when I'll get another opportunity for a trip so wonderful.

Happy cycling x

sonniereads said...

Your such a happy biker, love seeing and reading that! I just red that your a traveler and that you traveled alot when you were young. Though I have not seen that you traveled to the capital of bicycles Holland, or I must say the Netherlands. Come and visit Amsterdam, you will be stunned about the amount of bikes they have there... Think about it.

A Dutch biker.

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