scenes from a bday weekend

31 July, 2012

 birthdays are amazing when you're able to be with the people you want to be with, doing the exact things you want to do. i couldn't have asked for anything better than an adventure through the north bay, biking, hiking, beach bumming, and eating delicious food and ice cream by the water. there where lots of relaxing moments in between to just enjoy the loved company and beautiful surroundings that gulfed us in awe. 

 Saturday, we rented a car and stopped a few places to hike through, then drove out to Stinson beach where we were able to have a nice walk and relax by the waves. the life that was there is absolutely amazing, so many people having a great time under the sun, enjoying the outdoors and each other. it's always refreshing to rediscover these parts that are so near home, it makes me wonder why i don't go out on these trips as often as i would like to.
Sunday turned out to be a bike adventure throughout the city to Sausalito. i've done this trip before the new bike path was developed on the GG bridge and down it, which makes a world of a difference on this experience. the challenge of riding steep hills and getting wind blown just makes the experience a delight. when you have loved ones or friends in town, it's always a good idea to show them the wonders of riding the golden gate bridge to Sausalito. it' was a wonderful challenge that was rewarded with ice cream then a trip back to Fisherman's Warf for some IN-N-Out Burger's. the weather was perfect for a weekend like this and i couldn't have asked for any birthday gift better than the person who joined me on this birthday adventure.

also, thank you all for the birthday wishes. much appreciated. hope you had a great weekend.
cb said...

sounds like such a fantastic birthday weekend!! i love the ride to sausalito. we love to stop at a place called cibo's and they serve blue bottle coffee! yum! i love the northern part by sintson beach and would love to move there some day, that would be heaven!

Georgie Ormrod said...

Thanks for sharing the pics and your bday trip news. Sounds perfect! Glad you had a great celebration for it. Very best wishes for a happy year ahead x

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

Looks like you had a wonderful, beautiful, gorgeous time!

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