summer fog and days

17 July, 2012

fog. overcast. sunny. windy. sprinkling. fog. overcast. a whole days ideal weather in the bay area. this sort of weather is typical and usually has me wishing for warm sunshine all throughout the day. yet, also makes me want to crawl in my bed with a good book. not ideal if one wishes to partake in an adventure and ride throughout the town but these days i've been laying low, so to speak, and learning new things like gardening and cooking. it's the perfect time of year since school will have me glued to a text book by next month. i love summer. i usually like to use my free time to learn new things, gives me an opportunity to learn a new skill or partake on a new experience. i haven't always been good at cooking but i'm out to learn how to become better at it and boy am i making progress! gardening is something i loved doing since my old neighbor used to invite me over in spring to help with her garden when i was a teen. i enjoy doing these things which has taught me a few things about life, patience, and rewards for it. 

is there anything special you like doing with summer? what's summer like where you live?
Dave Feucht said...

Sounds about like how Portland has been - we even got some real heavy rainfall on Sunday. Mostly it's been just kind of warm (75-80) and humid. Not my favorite, but we also love the excuse to stay in an cook :)

This weekend we made quinoa with shallots, green beans, and a yogurt, lemon, tabasco dressing - as well as moules-frites with fresh mussels from the fish market down the street.

If you ever want recipe suggestions, just let me know - I could think of some things that are less complicated to start off with and work up :)

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