besties and bikes

08 August, 2012

 best friends. the one's that go along the ride of life with you. that look out for you, bring out the best in you, and sometimes protect you, even from yourself. they're the ones who aren't afraid to get silly on their bikes with you, on the street, or wherever you are. they will ding* ding* their bells with you when cutie on a bike pedals by. they go the distance for you, even all 40-50 miles with you on bike, while singing silly disney sing-a-longs, booty dancing, laughing with and at you. they're the ones their to hold your hand, or bike for that matter. they allow you to sleep in their bed, giggling and sharing hopes, dreams, fears, and occasional boy crushes. they are the ones there for you when you get into bike accidents, get sick, or have your heart broken. they're the ones who are always down for the ride, wherever it may be, with any distance, in any circumstance, they're present with you.

this isn't really a post about bikes but a shout out to my bestie for going along the ride of life with me.
love you chica!

cb said...

this is so sweet. besties who are ride are the best! :D

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