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09 August, 2012

when going for a ride through the city, there are little things that make this place one of the most beautiful cities to see. don't get me wrong, sometimes there are hard facts that face this place, yet, overall, one cannot help but be swept away by the inspiration this place gives to those who live here.

photos above are through my daily explorations on bike. enjoy!
Pretty in Polkadot said...

Beautiful pictures Tina! Making me miss San Francisco... :(

Pretty in Polkadot said...

P.S. What coffee shop is that?

citygirlrides said...

I believe it's Bean Roast in inner sunset by gg park. How are things back home? Miss you.

Pretty in Polkadot said...

Things here are pretty good - still counting down the days till we get to come back for Steve's graduation though!

Taylor Hart said...

What a beautiful city!


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