Wearing a helmet doesn't have to be a fashion crime. For some women, wearing a helmet can give a sense of confidence to ride safely on the road along with some city cycling training. When first riding through the streets of San Francisco, I wouldn't dare ride without a helmet. Drivers are unpredictable in these streets, road infrastructure sucks, going downhill can be daunting, and you just never know what can happen when drivers, buses, or trains aren't aware of you. Not to say that wearing a helmet is a must, we all have a choice, but when having to wear one is a must, it shouldn't be a hangup.

 recently, Cyclechic has launched a campaign "Hot In A Helmet" to empower women to ride by ridding the helmet of its geeky image and championing it as a functional accessory. Cyclechic did a photo shoot with various lovely London cycling ladies from Author Katie Dailey to Evening standard journalist Jasmine Gardner, to kick things off. Check out the gallery of those participating so far. The goal is to help women get rid of these helmet hangups so that they are empowered to get on a bike and have fun on it. What a great way to have a community of women empowering each other!

Also, you can send pics of yourself rocking your helmet at to share how hot you look in your helmet or just have a browse.

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