spring break in nyc this weekend!

21 March, 2013

spring break is here and i cannot wait to head to nyc tomorrow to be able to trade ten days of gorgeous west coast sunshine for the some chilly east coast weather. this trip is all about spending time with the boy, sleeping in, getting acquainted with my new home, getting a thesis paper done, and establishing work and social connections. sounds like a handful but i'm crazy excited to make this move happen soon and am so grateful for the support many of my readers and friends have shown me in making this transition. although i may be new to the scene in nyc, i'm very enthusiastic to explore and let the city teach me. i'm also interested to get involved in the nyc bicycle scene as well and contribute to its community in any way i can as a volunteer, educator, planner, or organizer. one thing that i've learned over the years blogging here is that you can't make a difference without a connected community with a goal in mind. everyone is essential to the goal even if there are special individual interests. and as far as being part of a community with women already established in the community, i'm really looking forward to meeting some you while i'm there and hearing what you have to say.

can't wait to share with you all the good things coming this way. happy spring break!

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