bits from NYC

01 April, 2013

 left new york yesterday where spring has finally arrived! this city marvels me as an observer of urbanites living in their places where not just the built environment influence our behaviors but also the weather. one of my first days in nyc on a solo walk was greeted by rain and snow, not something this Cali-native is used to but i survived anyway. in fact much of the free time i had was walking around neighborhoods i particularly like in an attempt to understand who lives there and why. i guess as an urbanist you try to make the connections of people, place, and the type of development that's propping up. my last day in new york was a whole days walking journey around the city. in observing this city while holding the hand of my love in these spaces, i knew that i would be happy here. two months away from being in the greatest city. 

can't wait.

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