Bike and Picnic!

28 June, 2013

Since summer is here and it's the weekend, bicycling and picnicking seems to be the popular activity around these parts of NYC. When it comes to picnics and managing your goodies on bicycle, I like to create a unique yet effortless experience. Here are some easy tips:
1. The picnic basket is obviously an essential item. Feel free to get creative and use different kinds of containers too. I prefer crates like Eleanor's Vintage Trout Creel Bike Basket to attach on your handle bars that can be filled with lots of goodies and easily made into a showpiece. 

2. Keep your load easy. Pick a theme to keep things simple (like fruit, cheese, wine, sandwiches). It’s nice to have bread, water, sparkling water, and finger foods (berries, grapes, and nuts) for snacking. If you have more time, get a bit more creative. Store a variety of olives in vintage Ball jars, make a fun dessert in a jar, and mix up a picnic cocktail (don't drink and bike though).

3. Pack a fun blanket! Whether you go for a classic blanket like BEG Bicycles pinic rug or a DIY chevron, it really adds to the outdoorsy ambience. 

4. Bring a game. Savor the time outdoors with friends with a deck of cards or a round of bicycle polo if you're near a court! I also recommend bringing a camera or a Polaroid to capture the special moments!

enjoy your weekend and happy picnicking!

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