Finding the Best Bike

12 June, 2013

Tis the season to be bike camping. With many excited to get out onto the long road on two wheels under the sun, making the decisions for the right set of wheels is never easy, and finding the best road bike doesn't escape that. Between online shops, consumer reports and critic reviews, it’s hard enough finding any bike at all. To the rescue of all of us who have ever thrown our hands up and just hoped someone would come along to help, FindTheBest has created a way to organize the web, making the decision process a little easier on everyone. Not sure where to start? Check out their guide to choosing road bikes. The site allows you to choose which bike is best for you based on a number of factors, in addition, to allowing you to compare bikes and filter all of the important information necessary for making a decision, all served to you in one easy to read page.
Best of luck!
Susan Li said...

what a great resource!

jorjiapeach said...

oooo! thanks for this.

Evan Shea said...

This is an awesome site! Buying a new bike has always been a pretty overwhelming task but the side-by-side comparisons are really helpful

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