sharing on citi bike, nyc

10 June, 2013

I moved to NYC just in time for Citi Bike share to hit the streets and since then I've been following the excited social media and entertaining back lash on Citi Bike by some of NYC's elite media writers, show hosts, and publishers. I've heard it all, all encompassed in last weeks Wall Street Journal video in which editorial board member Dorothy Rabinowitz griped all about bike share and cyclists in general. Most of us bicycle advocates would say this isn't surprising considering that we have to deal with this on a daily basis on the road. However, in reflection of hearing responses to the program, I would like to focus on the interesting, hilarious, and positive developments rather than the negative as the success of the program outweighs them. In celebration of this program, lots of informative articles and online tech have emerged to supplement the experience of Citi Bike Share. To me, this is big as information is able to make this program for the city more innovative. In sharing city bike share, here's a few sites that may tickle your fancy to know more, laugh, and ride when you come to NYC.

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