Summer Cycling Hair

25 June, 2013

Recently I shared some tips on how to cycle and stay fresh in the summer. Although I swear by all of them, there is one issue I struggle with the most in handling the heat, my hair. I have long, thick and heavy brunette hair. It keeps my head warm during winter and overheats me during summer.

I love to wear my hair down but during the warmest seasons, I just cannot. I won't even bother wearing a helmet! One way I have dealt with this (while not wearing a helmet by choice) is by wearing it up, be it a messy or stylish bun, braids, pig-tail braids, pony tail you name it, I'm throwing my hair up when it's sizzling outside. It keeps me cool and still looking good on my bike. 

I'm a huge fan of up-do's during summer and probably have almost tried all of these styles Refinery29 recently published Helmet Hair, Begone! We’ve Got 5 Bike-Friendly Styles. They offer numerous great tips on hairstyles that are helmet friendlyWhat are some hair tricks you use during the summer to beat the heat?

Taneshia said...

Thanks goodness I'm a naturally curly girl but even so I have to agree with this post. Updos are definitely the way to go to beat the summer heat. I prefer all variety of buns myself. My absolute favorite style is the braided Grecian Goddess style (braided around the temples and pinned back into a bun).

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