Summer Commuting Cycling Tips

06 July, 2015

It's summer time and the heat is on! Every summer I like to provide a little recap of how to say cool and fresh in the sun. For many of us ladies and gents who commute by bicycle in the city, we need to show up fresh on our bikes to our places of work or destinations. It's not always easy looking breezy but here are some tips to keep you looking commuter fab on two wheels.
Your commuting time is more predictable by bike. If you can, choose a route that is slower, less congested, and shaded with trees to help keep you cool and on time.

Riding a bike is good for your overall health, especially with all that fresh air. Just remember that during summer heat and sun, it's important to lather some sunscreen and wear shades to protect your eyes. Also beware of humidity, the air feels a lot thicker to breath so be easy on yourself.

For a quick refresher, carry a powder compact and handkerchief for a quick clean up. Sometimes in humidity, make up tends to sweat off quickly, so either ditch it or wait till you reach your destination to cool down and apply.

Helmet hair and heating can be a major issue. When wearing a helmet, tie back long hair or secure it further with a french plait. Also carry a comb or brush with you to revive your style when you reach your destination. Sometimes, I just ditch the helmet and let my head breath.

Using panniers or baskets rather than wearing a rucksack will stop you from getting a sweaty back. 

Wear lightweight clothing to keep you from soaking up. If soaking is unavoidable, carry extra clothes to change into at your destination. 

Give yourself time to cool down and hydrate when you arrive. It's always wise to carry water with you. 

Remember to enjoy those picnics in the park and the adventures of summer riding! What are some of your summer riding tips?
jorjiapeach said...

such a simple, yet helpful resource. thanks for this.

Taneshia said...

Love these tips! I've recently been biking to work this week due to car trouble and I am fairly certain that I've been convinced biking is the way to go. It's such a healthy lifestyle change.

I've learned my lesson and thank goodness I found this post. I don't sweat that much so I wear the top portion of my work clothes and I wear leggings or jeans while biking but bring a change of trousers or skirt for the office. I've forgotten some very key essentials all week long (glasses, wet naps, hair brush, etc.).

I take the city bus part of the way to my work and since I'm new to this whole biking to work thing I didn't know that I was suppose to take loose parts off my bike. Needless to say I lost my front basket the first day this week while the bus was driving. I'll have to replace it this weekend. You're right about the sweaty back from wearing a backpack:(

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