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the high line

03 June, 2013

it's been one full week of living in new york and already i have been charmed by the city. although i couldn't say i'm a huge fan of the hot humid temperature that onsets allergy mayhem, i do love being here. with so much to do and so much to see, there really isn't enough time to spend getting to know a place well enough. after a weekend of picnicking in the park, a hip hop concert, and exploring with friends i was struck by the High Line, probably because as an urbanist you look for the old and new that makes a city unique. a public park built on a historic freight rail line above the streets of the west side in manhattan, the high line will definitely tickle an urban planners fancy mainly because it looks like a 3D model of a planning design and is just so creative on utilizing a freight line for a public park. if you ever get a chance to come to NYC, you have to visit this site, with so many unique buildings, street art, and lush green surroundings this spot makes a perfect trip to get away from the concreteness of manhattan.

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