Summer Heat Waves and Adventure In NYC

25 July, 2013

Sorry for late quietness around here but recent summer heat waves in NYC has influenced a lot of summer siesta's and indoor play time in the city. I used to think weather in SF was bipolar, not till this summer in NYC did it hit me that the weather roller coaster of hot, rain, and sunny days would throw me in a loop of absolute confusion and paralysis under extreme hot weather conditions. I'll admit it, I'm not used to this and nobody here enjoys it but we all try to make the best of it. Instead of hiding in all day from the summer heat, I mustered up the courage and took a few excursions out to get the most of these summer days to share. There are always ways to try to enjoy it and beat the heat. Fine drinks, good food, and admiring architecture indoors and outdoors are just few of my favorite ways of making the most of it.

How do you spend your days in heat waves?

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