You Are What You Ride

31 July, 2013

Ever wondered what you're bicycle says about you? Our bikes say a lot about our style and French designers Romain Bourdieux and Thomas Pomarelle are here to help us find out just what our bicycle style is saying and how we share that while riding on the streets.

Their video and poster series, called “Cyclemon,” features beautiful bikes of all sorts rolling by neighborhoods they would most likely be found in. In the poster series, they’ve boldly written their view of the characters who would ride these bikes from hipsters, runners, to travelers.

Their site is super cool and interactive. You can also purchase a poster online, check them out here
What does your bike say about you?
Mai said...

My bike looks most like the hipster, but I'm all geared up. So, it's totally not like the hipster at all.

citygirlrides said...

i feel you on this. wish a mix between hipster and cougar existed, commuter-retro.

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