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8 Fall Cycling Essentials

20 September, 2013

While you've been dutifully sifting through the last bits of awesome summer rides, I've spent the last month praying for fall and sussing out just the right 8 Fall Cycling Essentials you'll need to get your autumn arsenal in proper working order…and right on schedule for the saddle. As always, some of these standbys are already safely tucked away in your stash (dig 'em out!), but I've added some other essentials to the mix to ensure your closet and bike will still make that cool transitional move into the new season in style.

So while you're grabbing your things to prepare for cooler weather rides, remember that a freshly tuned up bike, helmet, and bike lights are essential for safety on the road as it starts to get darker earlier. Also, just a helpful hint, taking care of your skin during cooler seasons is a major must do, so hydrate and moisturize.

Okay, so, ready to get your fall wish list together? Consider this roundup a friendly reminder to cycle safely and warmer while you cool into fall.

The Essentails you can check out on Polyvore : 1. The Blazer 2. The Scarf 3. The Bootie 4. The Freshly Tuned Up Bike 5. The Helmet 6. The Lights 7. The Water Bottle 8. The Riding Gloves

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