Cute Commuter Bicycle Helmets

09 September, 2013

As you know, protecting your head when cycling is like the number one safety rule of all cycling, trust me, we've had "the conversation" before. But why I personally don't like to wear one is a personal matter, and when coming to NYC I realize how important wearing one is, like with all the insufficient bicycle infrastructure, bad driving policies, and billions of crazy cab drivers. 

Well, with so many bicycle helmet options out there, I bring to you some of my favorites from around the web. Whether they're are loved by brands, functionality, and style, I love seeing the evolution of cute bicycle helmets for ladies. I also have that really cute red and white polka dot helmet and it's my favorite. You can find great resources around the web from Eleanors NYC, Cycle Chic UKYakkay, Nutcase, Sawako, and Bern in scoping out some really cute options for your cute cycle safety wear.

(right to left)

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